Do you want to diversify your investment portfolio with offshore exposure?

Offshore investment is within your reach. Being able to diversify your portfolio through offshore exposure gives you the opportunity to participate as a shareholder of foreign companies. We believe holding shares in sound foreign companies is an essential building block in increasing the value of your portfolio.

While investing in local markets can bring you sustainable return that beats the cost of capital, being able to diversify your investments will allow you to take advantage of global markets where you can access wider opportunities to your benefit. It is important to realise that diversification cannot treat the symptoms of a downward turn in the share market but it can help reduce the overall risk of your portfolio. In essence, it is a preventative measure that gives you wider exposure to reduce your vulnerability to country and company specific downturn while retaining the potential to maximise future return over a broad selection of both local and international exposures. There are so many good companies to invest in internationally. We can give you access to them.

Investing in foreign equities can be a daunting prospect because any such investment must be considered against the cost of buying foreign currency. Currently the US Dollar is relatively expensive for Rand holders but this premium is offset by the fact that offshore shares still stand at favourable valuations. To access the opportunity of investing in offshore equities you can choose one of two routes. You can invest directly in shares or you can purchase units in a fund that is invested in foreign companies. This would give you wider exposure within your financial reach.

Direct investment entails having an investment account that can trade in foreign equities. Doing this yourself may seem exciting but it can be demanding and tedious. You would need to set up the account and you would be responsible for all the administration and management of the account as well as the shares in it. Through Value Portfolio Managers you can gain all the benefits of offshore investing with very little of the hassle. The ability to purchase foreign currency and foreign shares is a great one, but it can also be an immense one. With so many different companies and funds to choose from this can be an overwhelming task to manage all by yourself. Appropriate, experienced and disciplined portfolio management paired with company research is crucial to obtaining the best rate of return on your local and offshore investments with the least hassle. Offshore investment in an equity fund such as a UCIT fund is another sound option. We access foreign exposure for many of our clients through such a vehicle to provide diversification in their investment portfolios.  

Having a portfolio manager with the experience, knowledge, resources, and access to make your offshore investment experience hassle-free, sustainable and financially beneficial is key to making foreign investment a positive contributor to your financial independence. Value Portfolio Managers has built relationships with foreign banks and offshore brokers to best monitor and take care of the management and administration of your portfolio. This, joined with our experienced investment management team, will provide you with sound offshore investment that more than beats your cost of living.  

If you think you need to gain broader exposure for your investment portfolio then let us show you how we can help. Through us you gain access to direct offshore investment as well as access to the VPM Global Select Opportunities Fund which would grant you access to a large selection of foreign equities listed on the New York, London and other European stock exchanges. If you would like to explore the opportunity to invest directly we can help you make good stock choices. We will make sure that your administration goes smoothly and that your investment portfolio will benefit from our experienced and dedicated portfolio management. Come talk to us and let us take you offshore.

Correct and up to date as at 1 July 2014.
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