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    Established 1996

  • Peace of mind

    Peace of mind

    Sound investing, peaceful mind
  • Open Collaboration

    Open Collaboration

    Working together for you, with you
  • Comprehensive Transparency

    Comprehensive Transparency

    Committed to full disclosure
  • Value Driven Adaptability

    Value Driven Adaptability

    Different needs, different responses

our foundations

Peace of mind

Our purpose is to provide peace of mind. We do this by creating and maintaining local and offshore investment portfolios that are wealth-enhancing and sustainable over the long term. It is our imperative to make financially sound investments in sound companies. We do this by being disciplined in our adherence to our belief in business value. This discipline and belief provides our clients with a margin of safety against risk because it is our intention to never overpay for an investment. We want our clients to be able live their lives without any worries about the management of their wealth and to do this we are dedicated to providing the best service possible.

Open collaboration

We take advantage of our team’s varied knowledge and experience and undertake independent research following our core principles to make sound investment decisions. We believe bringing together different individuals, skills and trusted service providers gives us the best foundation to provide our clients with reliable and decisive investment management. Collaboration enables us to open up new solutions and opportunities for our clients. We appreciate feedback and involvement from our clients as it aids us in knowing how best to serve them.

comprehensive transparency

We are committed to giving our clients full disclosure and making sure that they understand how their investments and our company work. We endeavour to be available and our doors are always open to you. Come meet us. Our investment processes and practices are open to you for examination and we appreciate the chance to show you how we work.

Value Portfolio Strelitzia

value driven adaptability

We know that different clients have different needs and expectations. This influences how we apply our approach to their investments. We respond to these differences by tailoring our investment approach so that we can ensure that our clients can more than beat the cost of capital. We believe that by providing our clients bespoke investment management we can help them achieve financial security and independence. We feel that there is always room for improvement and we are working continually to make sure our clients receive the best from us.


Value Portfolio Managers (Pty) Ltd (FSP 635) was established in 1996 by Gaston Antelme, Sylvio Lefebvre, Osi Marucchi and Frank Payne as a niche professional practice specialising in wealth building solutions for private and institutional clients. We are independently owned and managed and have built a formidable reputation for our focused and disciplined approach to sustainable wealth accumulation and preservation over the long term. Our reputation is backed by our successful performance record.

Over the years the solutions and services the company has offered have grown and now Value Portfolio Managers is evolving into a niche South African international player. Our vision for the future is at the forefront of our minds and we are cultivating our new generation of talented professionals. We are committed to ensuring that our clients continue to receive improved service and tailored investment solutions and management.

invest Invest in something
purchase (Valueing something of use) whose usefulness will repay the cost.


Different people have different needs to which we respond by applying our investment approach appropriately. Our core focus is on segregated portfolio management whereby we seek to build successful investment portfolios that are tailored to your needs making use of local as well as offshore opportunities. We also provide more structured solutions for that may be better suited to your investment, retirement, or life needs. Please explore below to see if we can help you find your solution.

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    Global Investment Solutions
  • Solutions Background
    GLobal Investment Solutions
  • Solutions Background
    VPM Sygnia Living Annuity
  • Solutions Background
    VPM Preservation Pension and Provident fund


the value approach to investment

At Value Portfolio Managers we believe that our approach to investment is distinctive. It is founded in the pursuit of value. We know the difference between a good investment at a discount, a share that is simply cheap, and a popular investment that is overpriced. We also have the conviction in our pursuit of value to act on the knowledge of this difference even in the face of uncertain or exuberant market sentiment. We favour consistent and sustainable return over opportunistic return and seek out companies and investments that will provide our clients with this return. The companies we invest in must show sustainable growth in earnings, high cash flows and dividends, proven management, and lower levels of operational and financial risk. Price is our most crucial element of control and we ensure that the investments of our clients are held at favourable valuations relative to economic, financial and operational realities.

We believe that a good investment is the purchase of something whose usefulness will more than repay the cost. Therefore, we want our clients to have investments that are able to beat the cost of capital and maximise their future value.


All figures are illustrative and this does not constitute advice in any way, and that should the client (you) require any advice they (you) should make contact with a Value Portfolio Managers (Pty) Ltd accredited consultant.
Value Portfolio Managers (Pty) Ltd is an Authorised Financial Services Provider. FSP Number 635.

"There are no traffic jams along the extra mile."

Roger staubach


At Value Portfolio Managers we make use of our team's varied and extensive experience to make sure that our clients receive the best from us. We have a professional staff of 12 with different skills and areas of expertise all cultivated towards providing our clients with reliable service and comprehensive portfolio and investment management. We have effective leadership in our directors and use their guidance and experience to build and train the next generation of valued team members.


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Value Portfolio Managers (Pty) Ltd is an Authorised Financial Services Provider. FSP number 635
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